Visiting Famous Churches

Now that I am retired and I am finally capable of travelling around the world, one of the major things that I have on my bucket list is to visit some of the most famous churches around the world.  Although I am a Protestant myself, I have found that some of the more interesting churches around the world tend to be either Roman Catholic or Orthodox.  Really, a big reason for this is the fact that these churches tend to be a little bit older, and so there are some really interesting things that they did from an architecture and design standpoint that you will rarely see with most modern churches.  To me, when travelling to Europe, one of the most important things that I can do is to take a tour of the local, historical churches.

Not all of these interesting and famous churches are in Europe, however.  There are many of them that are in different parts of the world.  For instance, the Salt Cathedral of Zipaquira is located in Colombia, and that is one of the most amazingly interesting churches I have ever seen before in my life.  It is an underground Roman Catholic Church, and it not only has a very interesting design, but it is also an extremely colorful church.  Of all of the churches I have visited over the past few years, this is probably the most interesting of them all.  Simply being located underground would be enough, but the colors just add something more to it.

I have crossed many of these great churches off of my bucket list, but I still have a whole lot more to go.  It seems as though there are just so many great, famous churches across the world.  I hope I can see them all.